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If you bought a Bidet Sprayer

How do you adjust the bidet pressure?

Adjusting the bidet pressure is easy. On the t-valve under the toilet, you will see a little lever. Simply adjust the lever a little bit and continue adjusting until you find your preferred pressure. For best results, test the pressure by spraying th

Can the bidet be used in the kitchen?

With the appropriate adaptors, it may be possible to hook into the water supply in your kitchen to use this as a "side sprayer", however there are much easier solutions designed specifically for kitchen sink applications. I would advise using one of

Can the Bidet be connected to hot water?

It can be, but there is no way to regulate the temperature, so water would be coming as hot as the pipes can deliver. This presents a risk of burning yourself and for this reason we don't recommend using our bidets with hot water.

What should I do if my bidet is leaking?

If your bidet is leaking we suggest checking several things. The following installation video may be useful if you're not feeling confident in the current install:. If the issue persists after these troubleshooting steps, you can reach out via live c