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Shower head nozzles are missing/loose. How do I replace?

The shower head nozzles are designed to be replaceable, that way if any ever clog up they are easy to remove, clean and replace. If you received a product that is missing a nozzle, or have an existing product that had a nozzle fall out and you cannot

The water pressure is too low. Is there a flow restrictor in these shower heads?

Yes, all of our shower heads come with a pre-installed flow regulator as per Federal and State regulations. We use the premier brand, Neoperl, as it maximizes the flow regardless if you have low water pressure or not. The flow regulator is a plastic

I think I'm missing a part, how do I get a replacement?

We've got replacement parts for almost anything — and we'll send you one for free as part of our warranty. You can reach out to us via live chat, email ([email protected]) or phone (854-888-9231). Can't wait to speak with us? You can fin

When will out-of-stock items be back in stock?

Thank you for your interest in our products and we're sorry that your desired product is out of stock. Depending on the re-stock lead time there will be 2 options on the product page:. Pre-Order: If we're expecting the product to be back in stock wit

What products do I need to remodel my bathroom?

Completing a bathroom remodel can be daunting, however we offer pretty much everything you'll need to successfully upgrade your bathroom. Here are 3 blog articles which will help to finalize your order requirements:. If you still need some help, feel

How heavy are your shower heads considering they are metal?

The Hand Held Shower Heads weigh 11 ounces, which we consider to be fairly lightweight. However, it is hollow and the weight will increase when the hose is attached with water running through it. Other fixed mount shower heads, like our rain shower h

Does your hand held shower head have on/off functionality on the unit itself?

HammerHead Shower Heads do not have an on/off button on the head. What we recommend, however, is just picking your perfect hand held shower head and then purchasing a shut-off valve separately. This piece attaches in between the hand held and the hos

How many spray features does your handheld shower head have?

Our best selling shower head features one spray. If you want an All Metal Multi Function Shower Head, check out our best selling 3-Spray Hand Held Shower Head Set.

How can I reduce shower pressure from 2.5 GPM to 1.75 GPM on my shower head?

You can reduce the water pressure by replacing the included flow restrictor with a 1.75 GPM flow restrictor. The flow restrictor is the flat plastic disk found behind the rubber washer inside of the connection of the shower head or shower head holder