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If you bought any Shower head (Hand Held, Rain, or fixed)


Shower head nozzles are missing/loose. How do I replace?

The shower head nozzles are designed to be replaceable, that way if any ever clog up they are easy to remove, clean and replace. If you received a product that is missing a nozzle, or have an existing product that had a nozzle fall out and you cannot

The water pressure is too low. Is there a flow restrictor in these shower heads?

Yes, all of our shower heads come with a pre-installed flow regulators. We use the premier brand, Neoperl, as it maximizes the flow regardless if you have low water pressure or not. The flow regulator is a plastic piece that is either green (2.5 GPM)

I think I'm missing a part, how do I get a replacement?

We've got replacement parts for almost anything — and we'll send you one for free as part of our warranty. You can reach out to us via live chat, email ([email protected]) or phone (854-888-9231).

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