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Shower head nozzles are missing/loose. How do I replace?Updated 3 months ago

The shower head nozzles are designed to be replaceable, that way if any ever clog up they are easy to remove, clean and replace. If you received a product that is missing a nozzle, or have an existing product that had a nozzle fall out and you cannot find, we will gladly send you a free replacement. Just reach out to us and we'll expedite you a repair kit. We did start adding additional nozzles to our shower head sets, so please check for any component bags marked "Extras" in the box.

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They are quite easy to install. You'll notice that there is a little indentation at the widest side of the nozzle, so you just need to crimp the nozzle to get it in the open hole, give it a little wiggle into place and release. 

You should see a little surface area covered on the outside of the shower head by the nozzle. Give it a gentle tug to make sure it's locked in place and you are good to go! 

-> Watch this video on how to replace nozzles! <-

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