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Help if you bought a Shower Hose

The instructions say I put washers in both ends of the hose but there's already washers in there? Am I supposed to put 2 washers?

There are pre-installed rubber washers in each end of the hose which are more than enough to properly seal the connections. The 2 extra rubber washers in the box are just bonus.

Is the stainless steel hose lined with anything such as plastic or pvc?

The shower hose is comprised of 3 materials, 304 Stainless Steel (outer coil), Brass (connectors) and Silicone (inner tube). While most hoses use toxic PVC or EDPM, we chose to use non-toxic silicone as it is just a strong as those materials but does

Will your shower hose fit my existing shower head? Is the fitting universal?

This shower head has the standard 1/2" NPT threads so any standard shower head designed for the USA or Canada will fit.