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Is there a way to reduce the shower holder tension? The pivot ball is too stiff.Updated 3 months ago

Yes, the easiest way to adjust the shower holder is to have it all installed, dock the shower head in the holder hook and then use the shower head to maneuver the pivot ball as if it were a joystick. Its tension is normally too tight to adjust by hand which is designed as such to support the weight of the brass holder, metal shower head and hose. 

We recommend installing it first and seeing if you are comfortable with how it adjusts. It will loosen up slightly over time as well.

If you still want to decrease the tension, you will need to loosen the brass tightening ring. (I've attached an image of the parts breakdown for your reference.) The easiest way to do this is the following:

  1. With the shower head set completely installed, hold the tightening ring with a pair of soft grip pliers or an adjustable wrench. (You'll want to put a cloth around the tightening ring to protect the finish.)
  2. Turn the shower head in the holder in a counterclockwise motion while holding the tightening ring firmly in place with the pliers or wrench. (The shower head should be docked in the holder, as this will give you the leverage to turn the holder and free up the tightening ring.)
  3. Find the appropriate tension for you. (Ensure that the tightening ring is not loosened too much, as this will make it sag/droop.)

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