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How do I adjust the tension in the Swivel Ball Adapter?Updated 7 days ago

The easiest way to adjust the swivel adapter is to have it all installed and then use the shower head to maneuver the pivot ball. Its tension is normally too high to adjust by hand, which is designed as such to support the weight of the brass adapter and whichever shower head you use. If you are just trying to adjust it in the palms of your hand, you'll just be left with sore hands. I'd highly recommend installing it first and seeing if you are comfortable with how it adjusts. It will loosen up slightly over time as well.

If you still want to adjust the tension, you will need to loosen the brass tightening ring. You will see that there is a big hex nut closest to the female threads on the swivel adapter. That is the tightening ring. You can either try loosening it by hand or with a wrench. By loosening it, you will decrease the tension in the pivoting ball, letting the pivot ball move more freely.

To do so by hand, hold the large nut just next to the tightening ring (closest to the male threaded connecter), and turn the tightening ring (closes to the female threads) in a counterclockwise motion. You only need to turn it slightly to decrease the tension.

To do so with a wrench, hold the large nut just next to the tightening ring with a pair of soft grip pliers (or wrap the nut with a cloth and use a pair of regular pliers as to not damage the finish), and then turn the tightening ring in a counterclockwise motion using an adjustable wrench.

Find the appropriate tension for you. (Ensure that the tightening ring is not loosened too much, as this will make it sag/droop.) If you loosened it up too much, simply turn the tightening ring in a clockwise motion while holding the large nut.

Below is a video walking through this process:

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